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Avant has an integrated and well known name with high competence within technical deliveries to energy related industry and offshore activities. We also have broad experience within land based industry, as well as green energy like wind- and hydro electrical power. In addition, Avant offer engineering services and project assistance where we can aid with concept, development, design and calculation.

We offer rental of our Resources / consultants within our disiplinens, see “Resources”.
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ENS Service Filosophy

Avant is with you from the beginning to the end, on your conditions. We offer high quality service from the start of the concept until the product is complete, and ready for production. We are capable of handling average sized development projects, typical to the fields of industry that are common in Norway. Our history of good work ethics allows us to create strong relations to our co-operators.

We put our best effort into delivering a successful project.

New project?

Give us a call considering your project, and we will contact you. In addition to InHouse Engineering, we also offer other ways to cooperate. InHouse or on-site, we can help you with rational and productive solutions.

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ENK Knowledge

Our engineers are specialized within 3D-modelling, calculations, generate drawings and general documentation. Avant is very familiar with the standards and rules that goes for both Norwegian and international industry. Our ability to adapt allows us to carry out engineering services locally, or we can produce in our own engineering environment with our own employees. Our special expertise within offshore and technical industry help us design durable and efficient products.